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Cleansing Businesses

Last month I talked about making our home our sanctuary by clearing old, inharmonious energies and geopathic stress lines. This particularly applies to businesses, especially where there are a number of clients or customers passing through… restaurants, hairdressers, beauty spas are prime examples. An individual’s mood or attitude can affect the energy. When we walk into a room where an argument has just taken place, it is said… “we could have cut the atmosphere with a knife”.  This is when we are sensing the energy of the emotions of the people concerned. We are all human and have emotions, whether they be happy and light, angry, frustrated or depressed. These are purely a part of life.  

My experience with businesses is that after the initial clearing, a “mini-clearing” every 6-8 weeks will keep the work environment free and emotionally uncluttered.

A good example of how this can provide a vibrant and balanced work environment is Luciano’s Restaurant in Queenstown. I have been working with owner Davey McKenzie since he opened, undertaking regular clearings of the premises.

The restaurant is not yet two years old and situated in premises where two previous restaurants were unsuccessful.  However, Luciano’s is kept busy across all seasons, frequented as much by locals as by tourists; a sign it is doing well.  Initially, Davey did not fully understand the “clearing” concept, however now calls me his “secret weapon”!


Ponsonby News Article - April 2007