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Our Homes Are Our Sanctuary

Have you walked into a house and felt it being relaxed and welcoming? Or did it make you feel uncomfortable and ill at ease?  This is our intuition or “gut feel”, picking up on the energy of the surroundings. 

Buildings and land absorb the energy of any actions or events that have occurred there.

For example, past illness, deaths, marriage breakdowns can affect a household. With land, conflict such as wars, rituals and modern day stresses… electromagnetic fields caused by pylons, transformers or underwater streams, can all affect the energy.   

Our homes are our sanctuary; the place we can retreat to in this world of stress and challenges, where we can be still and regenerate our energy.  Sometimes we do not feel completely relaxed in our home environment and this can be due to the build up of negative energies. In the home these can be from previous tenants which can affect the subsequent occupants. In the land, harmful geopathic stress lines can exist and if these run through places where we spend a large amount of time, for instance our bedrooms, health can be greatly affected. 


Ponsonby News Article - March 2007