Supporting Animals with NZ First Light Flower Essences®

Animals respond very well to First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® .

Generally it only takes a few doses of a blend to see a notable difference in their behaviour.  Animals do not have the emotional baggage we sometimes carry and so are able to return to a state of balance within themselves quite rapidly.  Owners are often quite surprised at how quickly their pet responds and are subsequently relieved and delighted to enjoy a happy, balanced friend once again.

The Crisis Support Combination will calm an animal suffering some form of stress caused by events such as going to the vet, the boarding kennels, or being separated from an owner.  I have watched a traumatised kitten transform back to a loving, purring ball of fluff within half an hour of being treated with Crisis Support.  In fact this Blend is so effective that I recommend having a bottle on hand, in every home, to support all members of the household (four legged or two) through life’s daily stresses and knocks.

As animals are unable to tell us verbally what is going on for them, I tune into them and sense which essences they need.  The essences that come to me give me an idea of what is upsetting the animal - information I can share with the owner to help them further support their pet’s healing. 

Animals have proved invaluable companions to man through the ages. These beautiful creatures come to us, crawl into our hearts and enrich our lives.  They become part of our families. Through their unconditional devotion and sensitivity to us they share the emotional ups and downs that we experience.  When we take time to connect with our pets we can begin to understand them more. By being more sympathetic to their emotional needs we can better care for their well-being. First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® are a natural and safe way to achieve this.

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Ziggy, Tana and Nikau

Three special friends
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